Your 24/7 Tool Check! News: »roboset 2« with Double Gripper System

The »roboSet 2« smart automation solution for tool measurement is now available in a much more compact design. It is linked to the universal measuring machines »genius«, »threadCheck«, or »titan«, and can also include a laser and ultrasonic cleaning system if desired. Thanks to a multi-pallet system and the associated larger tool inventory, it is now possible to handle quality control or production for larger series without any personnel. The new double griper system makes it possible to eliminate idle machine time, even in automated processing. The mechanically decoupled measuring machine guarantees the highest level of measurement precision.

► Watch the video here!


Your Benefits

  • 100% tool control and 100% certifiable quality
  • Absolute measurement precision and process security
  •  Autonomous measurement, 24/7
  • Double gripper system for even faster tool throughput
  • Easy operation with multi-pallet system
  • Compact, space-saving design


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