Clever cooperation

ZOLLER cooperates with partners to provide the best solutions for customer needs.

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With over 50 years experience in sensors, Balluff GmbH is today one of the most capable and worldwide leading manufacturers of sensor technology for industrial automation. Advanced technology and the latest electronics – tested extensively in the own certified laboratory - application-specific customer solutions as well as individual consultancy and first class service are the dominant characteristics of the Neuhausen a. d. F-based company near Stuttgart with its 2.050 committed employees at home and abroad.

Balluff and ZOLLER cooperate in the field of tool data transfer via tool coding and tool identification.


Camaix GmbH

The company Camaix deals with services in the areas of mold design, engineering, vehicle manufacturing. Particularly in recent years, Camaix was engaged in aerospace engineering, in complex 5-axis and 6-axis machining and developed customized solutions.

The simple and easy to operate ESPRIT CAM interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions enables the programming with current tool geometries of assembled tools and the usage of this data for a simulation and collision control in Mastercam.



CAMTECH is „Strategic Reseller“ of Edgecam in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, headquartered in Remscheid, and offers complete solutions from design to production. Many years of experience in the fields of machine building and tool and mold making make CAMTECH a partner well aware of local needs and problems, who services customers directly through certified dealers.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer a webbased interface which transfers the recorded tool data directly to the EdgeCAM data base.



Since 1988,  CGTech's software product VERICUT is considered as the industry standard when it comes to simulation, verification and optimization of CNC machines. Only the manufacturing simulation of NC data, so the machine code, affords the companies sufficient security for their machining processes. For the user, it is the only safe way to simulate the real machining situation with a "virtual machine on the desk".

With the ZOLLER export function »3D tool simulation VERICUT«, a drawing (2D or 3D-CAD), which is compatible for VERICUT, can be generated at the presetter and measuring machine from an outer outline of a tool without any presetting or data entry.

ZOLLER software seamlessly integrates VERICUT.


DP Technology

DP Technology is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for a wide range of manufacturing industries. ESPRIT, DP Technology's major product, is an extremely powerful and high quality NC programming system for the areas of milling, drilling, turning, wire-cut EDM, as well as for multi-function machines such as Mill-Turn centers.

The simple and easy to operate ESPRIT CAM interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions enables a simple exchange of tool data.



Hermle processing centers serve the rational machining of tools, molds and serial parts. Due to their quality and high precision they are used in countless manufacturing areas, especially in demanding sectors of industry such as medical engineering, the optical industry, the aerospace and automotive industries, tool and mold building, as well as their suppliers.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines can be fitted with an interface for Hermle processing centers as an option.



Ingersoll develops and manufactures standard and special tools fitted with reversible plates for metal cutting. The tools are used worldwide, including the automotive and machine building industries. In addition to the standard program,
Ingersoll develops and plans advanced solutions according to customer requirements.

In cooperation with Ingersoll, ZOLLER has, among other things, developed a novel concept for workshop-adequate testing and measuring of hob cutters and form milling cutters fitted with reversible plates.



With innovative tool concepts and overall solutions for drill machining, the KOMET GROUP® is a worldwide leader in technology. In specific, KOMET customers appreciate the future-oriented services, the unique technical support, the practice-oriented professional seminars and premium tools for drills, reamers and threads.

ZOLLER offers the solution for presetting and measuring tools of the KOMET GROUP®.



MTS AG develops and sells software for CNC grinding machines worldwide. The product "tool-kit PROFESSIONAL" is known worldwide as the software for professionals for the production and re-sharpening of simple to complex workpieces.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer an interface to the tool grinding machines equipped with the MTS software solution.



NUM manufactures CNC controls and matching software solutions. In the field of tool grinding NUM is the market leader with their software NUMROTOplus.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer an interface to the tool grinding machines equipped with NUMROTOplus software solutions.



Okuma is a leading supplier of innovative tool machines with a broad and impressive product portfolio. This includes high precision and robust NC turning machines, multifunction machines and machining centers, all equipped with exceptional OSP control.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer an interface to Okuma tool machines as an option.


Open Mind

OPEN MIND Technologies AG develops and distributes innovative CAM / CAD solutions that generate based on digital models optimal NC milling and turning programs for machine tools. Manufacturers from different industries around the globe decide for OPEN MIND products because they manufacture so economically and efficiently with them. OPEN MIND products create models, prototypes, tools, molds, prismatic components, integral components and more in stunning quality.

Via the hyperMILL® interface to the ZOLLER TMS Tool Management Solutions you have a comfortable access to the extensive ZOLLER database.



Saacke, an innovative family-run company with 100 years of tradition, sets worldwide trends in the areas of tool grinding machines as well as toothing and profile tools.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines offer an interface to Saacke tool grinding machines as an option.



Tebicon is an innovative consulting and services company in model, mold and tool making. The joint process solution ToolControl combines tool preparation with Tebis CAD/CAM technologies and thus provides seamless process safety through collision monitoring with actual tool data.



With 11 locations, the Vollmer Group is successful worldwide in production and service as a specialist for tool machining with its extensive machine program. The product portfolio includes highly modern grinding and eroding machines for the wood and metall processing industries.

ZOLLER presetting and measuring machines – perfectly linked to Vollmer grinding machines via an interface.